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quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2007

Hala's presentation... GREAT!!

If you want to watch her presentation, click here!

4 comentários:

Hala disse...

Dear Camila,
What a great surprise! It is an honor to see my presentation on your interesting blog!
I loved what you add for shakespeare, which i absolutely true after all these decades, which simply explains why is has been a genius!
Thank you
Hala from hot Sudan

Camila Sousa disse...

Hey Hala,

It's great to have you here!! I really like your presentation and I think it's worth linking it so some brazilians from Uberlândia can watch it too!! :-)
Congratulations again.....

Prof.Nelba Quintana-La Plata- Argentina disse...

Dear Hala, I have just seen your presentation and I cannot leave your blog without congratulating you on it! Very clear, well developed ,etc. etc.Thank you for having included a picture of my blog in one of your slides(
Clapping from Argentina, Nelba

nouamane errifki disse...

very helpful!